5 comments on “Happy Ahoura!!!

  1. Mr Gunnyyy.The Duc here. As always you are right on the money. I am so glad that I was able to serve with you over a year ago doing the work we did in Iraq. We knew what was right and we did it and let the other teams follow in our wake. A few more dedicated teams like that and we would have been out of there by now. Sometimes the Army can’t see the tree in front of them for the woods that covers everything.We must remember that there are some Army soldiers and Leaders who served with us. I know there are many more who are the way you descibe but we had some of the cream of the crop.If we could get the Iraqis fired up for anything other than their religious holidays we would really be making progress.Have you been back to Tadji? Pls pass my regards to general Baha and Kasim if you do get around them.Karim is still in Texas and I am working on the civillian job thing.Stay safe and keep the blogs coming. Glad you liked the Warrior e-mail.S/F and Keeep it real.S/F “The Duc”

  2. Gunny,Get on the BOX and stay there. The hell with all of the lippy nay sayers and losers who can’t even stand up and be heard under their own na,e.Take it to them, spell it out and call it like you see it.S/FThe Duc

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