3 comments on “Quick Reminders

  1. Gunny,I think you bring up some very valid points and it covers a lot we did when we were working with the Army. Strong forceful look ready for trouble but not looking for it.. I think that was key to much of the success we had. Everybody understood this and was not a “cowboy” per say.I agree that God has a lot to do with it but common sense and treating people like people always worked for us.keep up the good work.Stay safe and let me know if you need anything. Did Wakeel send the cigars?S/FThe DUC

  2. Wow. Great post. I always look forward to your posts, seeing you’re safe and getting a non-media view of what’s up over there. This one really gives us all food for thought. I often wonder if the same holds true even in our own country with police and military… are they LOOKING for trouble or approaching with an open mind? What would I do if I were in that situation? After all… I’d like to be calm and reasonable, but how to fight the instinct to be jumpy, especially if you’ve already been witness to some horrible violence? Hmmm. Stay safe. Love Ris.

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