One comment on “Happy New Year Everybody!

  1. Mr Gunny. The Duc is here and I wish I was there with you guys. As always you hit the nail on the head. Reading the reports there is a lot of things to do for the other security services that were not done in the last 2 years. The good thing about it is that there are guys like you there doing it. I know, Thanks alot but they could not be learning from better people.Wish We could put the old teams together and do the same for the police and the security services.Karim is here in the States at school and Swanny and Cotton and a few others have been over to see him. What a flash back.Talk about armor, what about the vehicles we used. people would not even dream of doing what we had to do to operate there.Keep pushing and stay safe. Keep the news, blogs and real issues coming and up front. Stay safe and pass my regards on to the other hard chargers doing the real leg work of this war.Praying for you guys.S/FThe DUC

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