3 comments on “An army within an army?

  1. Something like this makes you really think about our Leaders who are running the show! I just love when we look like “American Fools” to the entire world. Not to mention our Troops who are there who are supposed to be training and teaching this country to stand on it’s own two feet. My opinion, even with it’s election this country is still divided. They do not know what in hell they want. And as long as we continue to allow this to go on we are going to continue to have senseless murders of our soldiers who are over on the front lines just trying to do their jobs. Our Leaders need to get their heads out of their asses and take a look at whats really going on down on the front lines instead of sitting in the comfort of their Oval Offices.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us. It only confirms my belief that we are interfering with a country and a people we do not understand, even though we claim they want what we have. Do they?? We are forcing our “ways” on a people who have different ways. Is there right and wrong here or just a faith and a belief that is different from ours? My questions will never end. Love you and think about you daily.

  3. Mr Gunny. Thanks for taking the time to keep it real and in perspective for others who have not been there and for those who have been there but have not seen. Wish I was back there with you guys. Have talked to most of the gang over the course of the holidays. Stay safe and remeber all of the pains and dangers we have had to get where we are. Let me know if you need anything. My best to your team. S/FDave F

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