3 comments on “Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

  1. LOL! You kill me. I particularly like “spend like a dictator!” It is true… I can see how other countries might see us as spoiled, spend-happy, money-driven cowboys. We are! I had to laugh because, while I don’t do Black Friday (I would die of panic in those crowds)… I am guilty of the ease of internet shopping. Now even we Social Anxiety freaks can over-shop with the rest of the nation. Yikes, I think my mom has the right idea – she has always wanted to spend a x-mas with NO PRESENTS and all our money sent to the needy and one evening spent serving food to the homeless (because we have plenty of those even in our own country).Hope you have a decent holiday (as decent as you can muster) and I’m so glad you enjoyed the cookies! We had fun making a mess and baking them all.Love you!

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