5 comments on “What, no Republicans?

  1. Rick, thanks for sharing that. It’s rare we get to hear any good stories and things that give us some hope about what you guys are doing out there and you tell it well. The image of those purple fingers must have been a pretty awesome sight!! Thanks!! love,julie

  2. You still rock the house of blog. Sounds like progress IS actually being made over there, and you get to be part of it.Excellent post, once again.Mike

  3. Awesome turnout.Now if we could only get the percentage of Americans who turn out to vote to increase, it would be even more awesome. The number of apathetic Americans who do not vote is unforgivable.

  4. I agree with Jim!!! Here we are with all the freedoms of the world handed to us on a silver platter and yet everyone still complains about who’s in office and what these elected officials are doing to our country. We picked them!!The Iraqi people take pride in knowing that their vote makes a difference, why can’t “FREE” americans?I love you Rick, you’ve opened my mind and my heart to others in terrible situations that they cannot change without the help of every service person like you.Thinking of you this holiday and I know that we will see each other soon! Be safe my brother. I love you!!Pam

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