3 comments on “Cruising through the downtown

  1. You are truly a talented writer, you give us a picture that we don’t see on the tv news! Keep up the good work! Will continue to check in and get the “real” story!

  2. Wow…very powerful imagery. That’s good stuff man. It’s funny – you said the reason the media isn’t showing the images of peace because it doesn’t help further the war effort, but back home (as I’m sure you remember), the conservative talk shows go on and on about how the liberal media is turning this country against the war by NOT showing the progress we’re making.Makes you wonder…It IS good to hear that progress is being made, and that there is hope. Keep posting to your blog, man…it’s very good.Take care and be safe.Mike

  3. Seriously Rick… you are made to be a writer. Such vivid pictures and such honesty. I love reading the posts a) to see you’re safe, b) to read you’re writing and c) because I’m so proud I have such a talented cousin who seems to affect everyone who reads his blog. Glad to hear you had a meal at Thanksgiving and thanks for sharing what a picture of “peace” could look like there.Ris.

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