6 comments on “First Contact

  1. You should be writing for MSNBC or CNN.Obviously the powers that are (Bush) thinks this is a Texas football game. The news folks think that half time is a show.Careful out among them.

  2. Keep it coming Mr Gunny. Just off the phone with Karim who is in texas at school. Wanted to wish you well. We talked about that first hard year for almost 1 hour. he will get with you by e-mail soon.Keep spelling it out. There is a lot to say and I appreciate it that you take the time to do it. Remember all the close calls in Mosul, Najaf etc. Stay safe. Wish I was there with you.S/FThe Duc

  3. Hey guu-nny, you should use spell check when you write… It’s not “esprit de corpse,” it’s “esprit de corps” which means “A common spirit of comradeship, enthusiasm, and devotion to a cause among the members of a group”… Obviously, your lack thereof, is what makes you obnoxious, arrogant, and without direction… Do you really think you are the elite… USMC???? Remember, we (U.S. Military and Coalition of the Willing) are all in this fight together… You (USMC) are the most whinners… Well, maybe after the “Air Force”… Why did you said all those things about the “Army”???? It’s not true, and you know that… You “Jarheads,” always think that you are the best… We have been in the fight more than you do… Look at the history books… Oh, I’m sorry, maybe that’s the problem… You didn’t finished past High School… Anyways, don’t throw dirt to the eyes of those who bail you out every time you are in a tight corner… Fight with honor, not by writing weakening statements against the U.S. Army… Army of One, all the way…

  4. It’s funny how an “Army of One” can get so bent out of shape when the real truth is revealed! You my friend are and will always be considered 2nd rate to the USMC! The USMC are trained in HELL, they will and have always been the best of the best, when ever anyone is in trouble who do they call for??? The Marines, thats because the get the job done and get it done right! The first time around! Not everyone is accepted into the Marine Corp, unlike the Army who will take anybody!!

  5. Poor anonymous who said guu-nny should use spell check apparently forgot to use his own spell check. Also forgot to check his own grammar. Perhaps he should educate himself before commenting on the spelling, grammar and/or experiences of another soldier.

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