4 comments on “Holiday Blues

  1. Hey Rick, Glad you got a good meal and of course I’m always glad to see you’re still ok. I like reading your posts. It’s like knowing you the same way everyone else does, and not just in that big brother kind of way. Miss you and praying for your safe return home.

  2. Hey Brother!!I’m just glad to know that you did have a meal to share with friends aven if you are far away from here your close in our mind and my thoughts. Love you! Pam

  3. hey stranger-It is your old childhood neighbor-your lil sis just forwarded on to me this info-hope all is well-know that you are thought of and prayed for!!Lots of Love

  4. Mr Gunny,Awesome. Know you are the real deal and wish I was there with you. Miss the old team, we set the way over a year ago. Know you will do great things. keep spelling it out regardless of the comments of a few people who really have no clue what it is all about. get tired of seeing them have no imagination and spew party slogans like parrots. Call it like you see it and I know you will. Wishing you the best. Stay safe and keep your powder dry. S/F the Duc

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